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Sinclair Creek Pathway

The Village of Radium Hot Springs currently has an extensive trail system and park area following along the Sinclair Creek area, which is heavily used by residents and visitors alike. The Trail can be accessed by vehicle past the Canfor sawmill to a parking lot. The Trail can also be accessed from Rotary Park, located at the main intersection and entrance to the Village from the north.

Sinclair Creek Pathway, Radium Hot Springs Sinclair Creek Trail, Radium Hot Springs

The Trail has a series of information kiosks outlining points of interest along the length of the trail and which serve to educate users on the environment and history of the area. Two foot bridges cross Sinclair Creek on this Trail. In 2009, the Trail was extended from Rotary Park and from the north side of Sinclair Creek to north Radium, making it possible for residents and visitors to do a 'loop' walk around town of approximately 2.5 km in length.

Sinclair Creek to north Radium Sinclair Creek Trail, Radium Hot Springs

The Trail system will eventually form part of a much longer trail system being developed in the Columbia Valley. In 2009, a trail was constructed by the Columbia Valley Greenways Alliance from the southern end of the Village to Dry Gulch, a distance of approximately 5 km. It is hoped that eventually this trail will link the communities of Radium Hot Springs and Invermere, a distance of approximately 15 km. The Village of Radium Hot Springs is committed to increasing recreational opportunities within the community, thus enhancing the residents and visitors experience.

The Sinclair Creek Trail System was made possible with the assistance of many volunteers and community partners ! Sinclair Creek Trail, Radium Hot Springs