Bike Pump Track

In 2012, the Columbia Valley Cycling Society (CVCS) oversaw the creation of a bicycle pump track, below Rotary Park, in Radium. A pump track is a trail system consisting of small jumps and corners which allows the rider to simply 'pump' his bicycle over the jumps, gaining momentum as he goes. The track allows riders of all ages to gain skills and abilities in a controlled environment, thereby giving them the confidence to venture further into the mountains and ride the trails there.

During the spring of 2013, a crew of dedicated bicycle trail builders were busy once again at the Pump and Jump Track maintaining and improving the track which was completed last year, and increasing the size of the track with Phase 2.  This new phase includes an intermediate line with bigger hills and more opportunity for jumps. 

The Rotary Club of Radium Hot Springs Sunrise came forward again with a substantial donation to assist in funding Phase 2 of the Pump and Jump Track.  Many thanks to the Rotary Club!!
The Pump Track can be accessed from the parking lot at Sinclair Creek (head down Forsters Landing Road and before the left turn onto Horsethief Creek Road, take a sharp right turn onto the road which skirts the mill log yard). You can also park uptown and ride your bike down Forsters Landing Road and take the path leading down to the Park (there is a Village kiosk sign at the head of the trail).  There is also a trail head at Rotary Park, with a gravel/dirt path leading down to the bike area.

The newly named "Radium Pump and Jump" has been a project jointly funded by Radium Rotary and the Village of Radium Hot Springs.




The Bike Lagoon from Frank Purschwitz on Vimeo.