For further information on public works projects, please contact Bruce Zwiers - Public Works Superintendent at the Village Office, or email publicworks [at] radiumhotsprings [dot] ca.


Public Works

The Village of Radium Hot Springs' public works department is responsible for the day to day administration, operation and maintenance of Village infrastructure, such as buildings, parks and roads. Public works also operates and maintains the water treatment plant and distribution system as well as the wastewater collection and sewer treatment system.

Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant Water Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant


Radium Hot Springs' Water Treatment Plant was constructed in 2000 and consists of two filter tanks (trains), each having two multi-media filters consisting of five layers of different size rock, gravel and sand, topped with 18” of anthracite (Charcoal). Each train produces 500 gal/min for a total of 1000 gal/min of treated water. The filtered water then flows through an ultra violet disinfection chamber prior to the addition of chlorine (sodium hypo-chloride - 17% solution of chlorine). The water treatment plant is fully automated and is monitored with a SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system). The Village of Radium Hot Springs plant operators maintain a free chlorine residual at the WTP of approximately 0.35mg/l to maintain 0.20mg/l free chlorine residual at the far end of the distribution system. The free chlorine residual is also monitored by online instrumentation at the treatment plant and in town. Both are tied into the Radium Hot Springs SCADA system. The SCADA system has the ability to alarm out if the chlorine concentration drifts outside of predetermined ranges. There are also two reservoirs located on the property. The plant currently runs at 50% capacity.


Water Conservation

Water conservation measures are in effect from June 1st until September 30th of each year:  No watering of lawns and gardens from 10:00 am till 6:00 pm. (Note: watering during the heat of the day is ineffective resulting in evaporation and waste of valuable water). Odd numbered buildings / properties may water on odd numbered days. Even numbered buildings/properties may water on even numbered days.  Help us protect a valuable resource and keep costs down!  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated! For more information on water conservation, visit the Columbia Basin Water Smart website at


Sewer Treatment Plant

The Sewer Treatment Plant underwent  a $1.48 million upgrade in 2012. This upgrade included the installation of a new $677,000 moving bed biofilm reactor (or MBBR).  This technology uses thousands of plastic biofilm carriers, operating in an oxygenated holding tank. Each individual carrier allows for the buildup of bacteria on its surface, thereby accelerating the rate of biodegradation of the sewer. Once treated, the water moves through the plant and is filtered through natural processes in the lagoons. The addition of this reactor has allowed for the removal of one lagoon, saving the Village of Radium thousands of dollars a year in de-slugding costs. The plant also received two new turbo blowers at a cost of $184,000. These new blowers act as aerators and run with very little maintenance.



Snow Removal

The Village strives to maintain its streets and sidewalks in as safe as possible condition.  The municipality's main objective is to provide a cost effective program of snow removal and ice control which allows for the safe and orderly movement of emergency equipment, vehicle traffic, and pedestrians within the municipal boundaries.  Service is available on a 24 hour coverage for sanding and snow removal on arterial and residential routes during the snow season (mid October - mid March).  We remind all residents when clearing snow that it is unlawful to pile, throw or shovel snow onto the Village's roads or right of ways.  Each storm brings its own challenges, and not all residents can be satisfied as quickly as we would like.  So please take extra care and time to arrive at your destination.


Garbage and Recycling


The Village does not currently offer local garbage pick up. Residential garbage can be taken to the rural Edgewater Transfer station (located about 10 km north of Radium). Large items, such as appliances, furniture, yard waste, propane cylinders, etc. should be taken to the Columbia Valley Landfill site - located south of Radium Hot Springs, near Windermere (about 18km). The landfill site is open seven days a week from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. It is closed on Christmas and New Year's Day. There are drop boxes for the public and an on-site recycling depot with yellow bins and a glass bin.

There is also a Reuse Centre located at the landfill site. Any household items that are in good working condition can be dropped off at the Reuse Centre.

The yellow bins located at the Edgwater Transfer Station, or in the parking lot behind the Kootenay Block building on Main St. West, accept paper, cardboard, tin/aluminum cans, grocery bags, and plastics #1-#6 (no Styrofoam, even though it is marked #6).  There is also a separate yellow "glass only" bin for food / beverage container glass.
The Bottle Depot in Invermere accepts bottles and cans, as well as end of life electronics (ie. computer monitors, tv's). Please do not throw these items in the transfer bins. 
For more information about recycling, visit the RDEK website at