Columbarium Information Package

Bylaw No. 362,2010 - Columbarium Management

Bylaw No. 395, 2013 - Columbarium Management Amendment


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The Columbarium is located at 7524 Stations Drive, on a gently sloping site behind the Roman Catholic Canadian Martyr's Church.




The site is owned by the Village of Radium Hot Springs and was subdivided from the Church property for the purpose of creating a non-denominational Municipal Columbarium.

Initially, one columbarium containing a total of 60 niches has been sited at the termination of the wheelchair accessible pathway, approximately 90m from the parking lot. Allowance has been made for a second and third Columbaria structure to be installed at a later date, when required for additional niche spaces.

The pathway, first Columbarium and Memorial Wall were constructed during the summer and fall of 2009. Each of the 60 niches is one cubic foot in size, with depth, width and height dimensions being approximately 12 inches each. The niches can be used for a single interment, or a companion (double) interment. The Memorial Wall, which is located on the east side of the Columbarium structure has 154 spaces for bronze plaques 5" x 3" in dimension.

Purchasing a Niche

Pre Need
There is an opportunity to purchase a niche prior to a person's death. This is accomplished by entering into a Right of Interment contract with the Village. The Right of Interment provides the contract holder a reserved specific niche. The Right of Interment can be for a single or companion niche.

At Need
Following the death of a person, a Right of Interment contract can be purchased. The Right of Interment can be for a single or companion niche. 
It is important to note that only the legally Authorized Representative under Section 5 of the Cremation, Interment and Funeral Services Act of BC can authorize the interment of cremated remains. The original Certificate of Cremation is required to accompany the Interment Authorization form.

Niche Faceplate Inscriptions
All niche faceplates are supplied by the Village of Radium Hot Springs, and are made of Dakota Mahogany granite. All inscription work for the faceplates is handled by the Village.

Memorial Wall

Some people choose not to inter their loved one's ashes in a Columbarium niche, but still want a memory place to visit and remember. A name plaque on the Memorial Wall can provide one with this opportunity. For this purpose, a Memorial Permit and bronze plaque can be purchased. All plaques are ordered through the Village of Radium Hot Springs. Additional details are available at the Village Office.

For assistance with any questions regarding the Columbarium or Memorial Wall, please contact the Village office at 250-347-6455, and Village staff will be pleased to help.