Water Quality Advisory Update #3

Water Quality Advisory update issued Friday August 25th, 2017 at 9:30 a.m. MST.

Situation report:

The turbidity level in Forster’s Creek is now approaching its seasonal norm.  This turbidity, or suspended particulate matter, is primarily composed of rock flour, which originates from the five glaciers that feed into the creek.

However, our water intake pond and settling pond still contain high concentrations of sediment, which originated from the Irish Creek debris flow.  Our water treatment plant is handling these high concentrations of sediment very well, and the treated water leaving the water treatment plant now meets the Interior Health standards for turbidity.  We continue to provide full disinfection of our drinking water with both ultraviolet light and chlorination. 

Turbidity levels, within the water line distribution system, remain high, and will remain high until we have flushed the water lines and removed the residual sediment that has accumulated.  Our current plan is to begin flushing of the water distribution lines first thing next week.  Our current estimate for the lifting of the water quality advisory is Friday of next week.

To assist us in the flushing process, we have now lifted the irrigation restriction.

Please continue to check this news feed for updates.