Water Quality Advisory Update #2

Water Quality Advisory update issued Wednesday August 23rd, 2017 at  2:15 p.m. MST.

Situation report:

We have confirmed that our watershed experienced a debris torrent originating in the Irish Creek drainage, a subsidiary of Forster’s Creek.  It appears that the debris torrent is subsiding and that water quality in Forster’s Creek is now improving.

We estimate that it will take several days, or more, before we see an improvement in the water quality reaching our water treatment plant.  During this time period, we expect that our treated water will continue to have high levels of turbidity.  We have increased the amount of chlorination in the system to counter this high turbidity.  Users may detect elevated levels of chlorine in our water, which is necessary for us to maintain the required levels of disinfection for public health.

Once the turbidity levels reaching our water treatment plant have subsided, we will begin flushing our water mains to remove any sediment that has collected in the pipes.

At that point in time, we will lift the water quality advisory.

Please continue to check this news feed for updates.