Tax & Utilities

Federal/Provincial Taxes

  • B.C. has one of North America’s most competitive tax climates for businesses. B.C.’s general corporate income tax rate is 11 per cent, among the lowest in Canada. B.C.’s combined federal-provincial rate is 26 per cent, among the lowest of the G7 countries.
  • B.C. has the lowest provincial personal income taxes in Canada for people earning up to $121,000.
  • Tax credits, exemptions, and deductions reduce business tax load.
  • B.C. does not levy provincial payroll, franchise or capital taxes. B.C. has no provincial sales tax on most production machinery and equipment.



Municipal Commercial Taxes

Radium’s commercial taxes (2014) are competitive:

  • Utilities: $3276/$100,000 assessment
  • Major Industry: $2854/$100,000 assessment
  • Light industry: $1225/$100,000 assessment
  • Business Other: $1464/$100,000 assessment


At $14.64 per $1000 assessment, Radium’s level of business taxation is well below the Canadian major urban centre average of $24.25 (Src: and is the 7th lowest business tax rate ($1463.91 per $100,000 of assessed value) of 161 B.C. municipalities.

The ‘wildcard’ in any tax competitiveness calculation is assessment value – which is much lower than Vancouver and Calgary metropolitan regions, generating lower taxes for comparable enterprise operating space.


Electricity/Natural Gas Utilities


Electricity:                           BC Hydro:  1.800.224.9376 or

Propane (heating):           Superior (, 1.855.539.5862)
                                             Lo-Cost (, 1.888.446.1047)
                                             Canwest (, 1.855.341.3206)


Current Market Rates

Electricity rates are variable based on annual peak demand and total consumption. Utility costs can be a significant business cost depending on the type of business. To help you plan costs associated with your business venture, visit the Business Rates ( page of the BC Hydro website.

BC Hydro rates are among the lowest in North America ( and relative to purchasing power are among the lowest globally.

Retail propane purchases are private transactions involving a downstream distributor and an individual family or business. No centralized data source measures and collects these prices. However, propane prices for automotive uses are reported by Natural Resources Canada ( and are a potential proxy for the market-set prices for home consumption and other propane end uses (Src:

The growth in propane supply due to shale gas production is changing fundamental energy price relationships; propane prices have fallen substantially relative to gasoline, diesel fuel, and home heating oil prices (Src:

Propane is used as a main heating fuel by a small proportion of households (1%) in Canada, with average use of 21 GJ annually per household reporting propane use (Src:   1GJ=39 litres of propane = 819 litres annually.

Municipal Water/Sewer/Garbage/Recycling  

The Village invoices utility fees every 4 months (Jan/May/Sept).

Municipal Water/Sewer Rates (2016) 

Water/Sewer - Commercial/Industrial

  • Water: all commercial accounts are metered and pay .54 per cubic metre, discounted to .49 if paid on time. Commercial metered accounts are subject to a minimum billing charge of $93.00 (discounted to $83.70 if paid on time), plus any consumption used, billed as above, plus meter rent. Meter rent depends on the size of the meter but range from $10.55 for a 3/4” meter to $174.00 for a 2”+ meter.
  • Sewer: rates vary depending on the commercial business, but here are some examples:
    • $  26.00 (discounted to $23.40) per rented unit (i.e. hotels, motels, B&B)
    • $  81.50 (discounted to $73.35) per stall for restaurants, pubs, lounges, mini-golf
    • $121.50 (discounted to $109.35) per stall for offices and retail stores

Water/Sewer - Residential

  • Water: $101.00 flat rate per 4 month billing period (discounted to $90.90 per period if paid on time) – single family dwelling.
  • Sewer: $59.00 per 4 month billing period (discounted to $53.10 per period if paid on time).

Garbage & Recycling

  • Garbage: the municipality does not offer garbage pick-up. There are private companies who will pick up for a monthly fee. Residents take their garbage either to a transfer station (10km north near Edgewater, or to the Rural District of East Kootenay-managed Columbia Valley Landfill – 22 km south in Windermere). There is no landfill charge for disposal of household garbage, yard waste, etc., but charges may apply for the disposal of white goods, concrete, tires, etc.
  • Recycling: Radium does not charge a recycling fee. There are bins in Radium for disposal of certain recycled items, such as cardboard, glass, plastic. Bottles/cans and end-of-life electronics can be taken to the Bottle Depot in Invermere (18 km south). Other household items (in working order) can be recycled at the Re-Use-It Centre, which is available at the Columbia Valley Landfill, located 22 km south.