Invest in Radium

We are B.C.’s peaceful mountain community.

We are a solid long-term investment in your peace of mind (click here for Investment Guide package)

Life – you don’t get out of it alive. Funny thing about that – we run through life at a hundred miles an hour working to be successful and forget to stop and smell the flowers along the way. Only when we’re older do we realize what success actually means…it’s the reward of being able to slow down to study the intimacy of the details – those long mountain top rays of a sunrise, the fall fog of breath of a mountain sheep, a pond’s lazy pattern of ripples, the parabolic curve of golf ball set against grey-hued mountain peak. In the quiet…in the peace…we are at peace with ourselves and with the meaning of life. So get off the congested urban merry go round. Invest in your active and adventurous retirement or a more inspired existence as entrepreneur, tele-commuter, professional service, or consultant. Use our painting friendly landscape and warm and fuzzy local life as your inspirational business muse. We’ll sweeten the pot with an opportunity to be a pioneer as we blaze an ambitious sustainable community pathway. We sell sanctuary. That feeling of ownership of and belonging in a mountain resort community is a Rocky Mountain valley or two away.

Radium’s 21st century emergence as one of B.C.’s premier locations for recreational/second home property ownership and evolution into a resort community co-exists with almost 100 years of community history rooted in proximity to national parks and forestry.

OUR VISION (click here for Radium's Vision Statement)

Authentic. Connected. Self-sufficient. Beautiful. Compact. An Environmental Steward. Radium 2030 is a small, close knit mountain village with:

  • a healthy range of services and amenities for a community its size
  • a breadth of demographic, income and housing options
  • a dynamic mix of full-time population, daytime enterprise, and recreational property owners
  • a modestly growing population
  • advanced, enabling Internet and water infrastructure
  • a long list of community and valley recreational pursuit that drives motivation to visit or move to the area

Our Stepping Stones

1) Recreational Property Owner Transition from PT to More FT Residency

2) Internet Infrastructure – enabling footloose business activity

3) Services Generated By More Full Time Residency

4) Anchor infrastructure – medical, school, services – that will strengthen connectivity and sustainability

5) Families - Over time, greater emphasis can be placed on nurturing attraction of families (supported by presence of more services and key village initiatives like affordable housing and small lot single family housing options).

6) Tourism infrastructure – building new experiences that capitalize on our location.

Our Shared Values

  • Mountain views
  • Convenient access to valley recreation
  • Small community size
  • Pristine local environment; Golf
  • Reliable/quality water/sewer services
  • Clean air
  • More people walking/biking, fewer driving
  • Friendly, sociable people
  • Cleanliness
  • Proximity to national parks

As a community want to introduce new values in pursuit of our vision:

  • More shopping/restaurants
  • More bike/walking paths
  • More local employment
  • Health and wellness services
  • Affordable taxes
  • Recreation centre
  • More full time residents
  • More diversity of commercial services


Click on this link to visit the Invest in BC - Radium Hot Springs site.
Click on this link to visit the Columbia Basin Rural Development Institute's community profile on Radium -



  • We lie within that “magical” 3 hour window of the Calgary Region and as everyone knows from the real estate phrase: “location, location, location”.
  • Calgary International Airport is only 3 hours from Radium;
  • Canadian Rockies International Airport, located near Cranbrook, is only 1 1/2 hours from Radium;
  • 5 minute access to Kootenay National Park and one of B.C.’s habitat wonders: the Columbia Valley wetlands.
  • On the warm side of the Rockies.


  • Population growth rate at 31.8% almost three times the B.C. rate (12.3%) (2001-2011).
  • One of B.C.’s 13 designated resort municipalities, which will generate resort-related investment interest.
  • High quality water infrastructure with significant capacity.
  • $38.5 million invested by Canfor (dimensional lumber) in Radium operation (2012).

Recreational Wonderland

  • A hint of our recreational “wonderland” revealed by being home to one of the top 60 golf courses in Canada, Canada's largest mineral springs pool, and one of the highest rated hikes in Canada (Rockwell Trail, Kootenay National Park). 

Community With a Heart

  • Home with a heart: we are a warm, friendly place that is a throwback to simpler, quieter mountain living…a place that revels in lack of chain everything and boilerplate products and services. Radium feels like extended family. Radium is a place of quiet reflection rather than adrenalin rush…a people-friendly, first-name-basis kind of place that thrives on simpler forms of relaxation and the connections we form in key activities and events.


  • House resale prices (2014, inclusive of single and multi-family residences) 61% lower than the B.C. average, 72% lower than metro Vancouver average, and 53% lower than metro Calgary average.
  • 24th lowest annual residential property taxes and charges ($2132) and 7th lowest business tax rate ($1463.91 per $100,000 of assessed value) of 161 B.C. municipalities (Src: 2014,


"There are two types of people who will tell you that you cannot make a difference in this world: those who are afraid to try and those who are afraid you will succeed." --Ray Goforth