Full Time Residency

"Warm, welcoming locals and the ‘sheepish’ critters who rule the town. Lazy days in the alpine-scented sunshine. Wetland ripples and golf course laughs. It all comes together in Radium, where smiles are the signature experience.”

Recreational Property Owners – Time In Radium Is Your Reward

Today we are a recreational resort with a high ratio of recreational property owners to enjoy our community for periods of time…mostly summer…then return to their community…mostly in Alberta…to work. Our transition to a sustainable resort community has at its core our community-building effort to transition part-time to more part-time and full-time property owners. We surveyed it a handful of years ago; 12% population growth is anticipated from recreational property owners who intend to transition to full-time residency in Radium. Roughly 50% labour force growth is anticipated from recreational property owners who want to work more from Radium.

Eighty percent of you are over age 45. Seventy percent of you are from the Calgary area. One in five of you are from the Edmonton area.

We welcome your home-based business, footloose entrepreneurship, interest in the creative arts or hand-crafted products, or creative/knowledge industries employment that liberates you to live in an inspiring community of choice. 


***** If you are considering a full time move to the Valley, you might find this study of interest - Columbia Valley Resident Attraction and Retention Strategy