Advantage B.C.

British Columbia - A Competitive and Dynamic Place to Do Business

B.C. has one of North America’s most competitive, flexible, and supportive business climates. The Province consistently receives AAA credit ratings. Vast resources, low taxes, a stable and well-regulated financial system, and fiscally responsible government, attract global investment.


  • Global Access

B.C. lies at the commercial crossroads of Asia-Pacific and North America – with the shortest sea route from Asia to North America. B.C. is seamlessly connected to all major U.S. economic centres by secure, reliable road and rail networks, and has advanced telecommunications network connectivity. Canada has one of the world’s most open trading economies (international trade agreements).


  • Business Incentive

B.C. has one of the lowest corporate income tax rates among G7 nations, and the lowest provincial personal income taxes in Canada for individuals earning up to $121,000. Tax credits, exemptions, and deductions ( reduce business tax load. B.C. has streamlined its regulations and reduced paperwork, giving you more time to focus on running your business.


  • Flexible and Well-Educated Workforce

Nearly 2/3 of B.C.’s labour force (2.4 million) is under 45 years of age. Over half of B.C.'s workforce is employed in knowledge-based industries or trade-related occupations.


  • Low Business Costs

Up to 18% operating cost savings in labour, electricity and real estate in some industries. One of North America’s most competitive tax climates for businesses, and competitive cost of living supported by the lowest personal income taxes in Canada for people earning up to $121,000 and  premiums for comprehensive government-supported healthcare that are up to 86% lower than in some U.S. jurisdictions.


  • Quality of Life

B.C. is a talent magnet for skilled and creative people. A temperate climate, dynamic cities and a clean environment draws people from around the world. Businesses in B.C. say quality of life is a key competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining top talent.



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