Village Services

The Village of Radium Hot Springs offers a variety of services for residents and guests visiting the area.  A list of specific departments and services provided is located in the "Services" block on the right.

The Village staff also administer:


Property taxes are billed once per year, usually mid-May, and are due on or about July 2nd (depending on the Canada Day statutory holiday). Property taxes can be paid by cash, cheque, debit or online/telephone banking. Payments CANNOT be made at a bank (some banks accept the payment, but simply forward it by mail to the Village, usually resulting in a late payment and penalty). If you pay by online/telephone banking, please allow sufficient time for the transaction to occur.

Any amount outstanding as of 4:30pm on the due date, is subject to a 10% penalty. Post marks are not accepted.

Taxes that remain unpaid by the end of the year become taxes in arrears as of January 1 and begin to accrue daily interest until paid.

Many people confuse their property tax notice with their Assessment Notice. The BC Assessment Authority, not the Village Office, issues assessment notices in January each year. If you do not agree with the assessment value of your property, you have the opportunity to challenge the value. However, there are strict appeal deadlines, so please ensure that you read your Notice carefully as these dates are indicated on the Notice.


UTILITIES (water and sewer only)

Water and sewer utilities are invoiced three times per year as follows:

First period - January - April - billed beginning of May
Second period - May - August - billed beginning of September
Third Period - September - December - billed beginning of January
Payment can be made as noted above.



In accordance with Village bylaws, all dogs over the age of four months are required to be licenced in the Village. Even if you do not own property here, but are a renter, you are still required to license your dog.  You may obtain a licence at the Village Office. The current fee is $10 for a spayed or neutered dog, and $40 for one that is not spayed or neutered. Please complete the Animal Registration form located to the right. Please bring veterinary proof of alteration when applying for your licence.